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2008-12-03 18:33:05 by CLxNitro

Wisps Revamped has really shown the need for a preloader. Newgrounds awesome looking ones wont work with Pencil, as it's in FLA format and Pencil only accepts BMP's. Either I need a file converter, or an expert in Pencil to guide me through it. x.x; One updates, music had been added to Wisps, but I wont release it until I get a preloader.


2008-12-02 21:13:06 by CLxNitro

First flash is horrible. Only submitted it to test if my comp would actually LET me upload things. Glad to know it does, and I am waiting to hear the death sentence of my poor little flash. Hopefully I'll get some tips,

Why bother? All you do is piss off everybody. And you groups of suck ass flashers: get a life. There are tons of people, me included, who would love to have flash on their computers, to make quality movies, and yet you decide to aggravate everybody by spamming horrible low quality movies, then gang up on negative reviews and get them removed. It aggravates me that a golden place like newgrounds has a large gathering of untalented, smartassed people.

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